July 2014


LPA Stakeholder Partnering Advances to Round 3 of Every Day Counts

By Brian Roberts, PE
      Executive Director
Bridge Woes.jpgLast month, Acting FHWA Administrator Greg Nadeau unveiled the third round of EDC Initiatives. I am pleased to tell you that the NACE/APWA suggested initiative, Stakeholder Partnering, was included in this next phase.  You may recall that this initiative was originally proposed by NACE and APWA for EDC 2.  We had begun the implementation phase, but extending this program into the third round will allow us to build on the momentum we have established.  Specifically, Stakeholder Partnering will establish a small group of stakeholders including the FHWA Division, State DOT, and local representatives made up of NACE and APWA members.  This group will be able to discuss issues that affect the federal aid program for locals.

The formal description can be found in FHWA’s EDC3 listings:

“To aid Local Public Agencies (LPAs) through the complexities of the Federal-aid project delivery, a three-pronged strategy was implemented under EDC-2. This included stakeholder partnering, certification program, and the use of consultant services flexibilities. Of the three, stakeholder partnering will continue into EDC-3. This initiative will focus on forming stakeholder committees including representatives from State Transportation Agencies, LPAs, and FHWA. The purpose of the committee is to improve communication to serve as a platform to launch training and process improvements in Federal-aid project delivery.”

Other inititaives include:

-  Smart Work Zones
-  Data-Driven Safety AnalysisData-Driven Safety Analysis
-  Roadway ReconfigurationRoadway Reconfiguration
-  Ultra High Performance Concrete Connections for PBES 
-  e-NEPA and Implementing Quality Environmental Documentation
-  3D Engineered Models: Cost, Schedule, and Post-Construction3D Engineered Models: Cost, Schedule, 
    and Post-Construction
-  e-Construction: Electronic Project Document Management Systemse-Construction: Electronic Project Document
    Management Systems
-  Regional Models of CooperationRegional Models of Cooperation
-  Improving DOT and Railroad Coordination (SHRP2 R16)
-  Accelerated Bridge Construction: Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) – Integrated Bridge System (IBS)
Look for EDC Summits this fall that will promote these initiatives.

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