January - February 2017

President's Report

NACE Is On the Move in 2017

By Brian Stacy, PE
      Pierce County, Washington


After celebrating the New Year, it’s now time to focus on the NACE Executive Committee meeting when we address key business for the year. Each year, we meet in conjunction with the NACo Legislative Conference in order to participate on the Transportation Steering Committee activities. We’ll be meeting February 23-25 in Washington, DC.

Our key priority is to complete the Strategic Plan.  By way of a reminder, our planning efforts started with a membership survey and interviews with our Corporate partners.  We then moved to a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), State Director’s interviews, and ultimately developed our Strategic Goals.

You and other members asked us to focus on 6 areas:

Influence and Advocacy
Professional Development and Growth
Financial Stability / Sustainability
Affiliates and Partnerships
Communication and Engagement

As you’re aware, we’ve implemented several of these already. The first we tackled was the restructuring of our membership dues.  We anticipated the outcome that our financial model, once sustainable, would grow our reserves, deliver expected services, and grow membership.

We adopted a population based dues model similar to NACo and we’re currently evaluating the results.

We’ll finalize our remaining action items to move the association forward.  Foremost, several revenue generating opportunities are being evaluated, including a safety foundation that could help lessen the burden of membership dues and conference proceeds to carry the financial “water” for NACE.

After Strategic Planning we’ll address other protocols, including our committee programs, as these are our work horses and coordinate activities with our various partner organizations. All things being equal, we hope to accomplish as much as possible in our few days in DC.

By now, you’re registered for the Annual Conference in Cincinnati on April 9-11. If not, do so now!

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Please come prepared to actively participate with NACE, and consider a becoming a future officer or, at the very least, a committee member! 

A special thanks to the County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO) for hosting what we’re sure will be a memorable conference!


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