November 2016


FHWA Launches LEAP Program
traffic-night.jpgNACE is pleased to inform you of a recent FHWA announcement relating to administering Federal Aid Funds directly to LPAs on an experimental basis. 
The program named LEAP (Local Empowerment for Accelerating Projects ) was announced in the Federal Register and can be found here.
Specifically, the announcement states, “"the American Public Works Association (APWA), National Association of County Engineers (NACE), and other local entities have advocated for improvements to the federal-aid highway program delivery to LPAs."
The fact that FHWA directly mentions both NACE and APWA is a testament to our strengthened relationship with FHWA and our longstanding partnership with APWA.  While this is a pilot program, it is a bold move on the part of FHWA.  It is worth noting that this was not the result of the FAST Act.  It is an innovative decision that was made by FHWA.  Many thanks to Administrator Greg Nadeau for his years of support and this decision in particular.
Please see this article in the AASHTO Journal.
Kevan Stone, NACo’s Associate Legislative Director for Transportation and Infrastructure, distributed these comments to the Transportation Steering Committee.
I wanted to make you aware of a new transportation infrastructure pilot program that launches tomorrow.  The U.S Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced earlier today that they will be accepting submissions for the Local Empowerment for Accelerating Projects (LEAP) Pilot Program. The LEAP program allows for direct funding from the federal government to local public agencies (LPAs).
This pilot program is designed to improve project delivery times for road projects and help to eliminate red tape delays, which often leads to increased costs for local government.  With counties owning 45 percent of the nation’s roads, this direct funding pilot program allows for LPAs to not only save precious financial resources, but complete projects faster for their communities.

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