Feb - Mar 2016


NACE Recognizes Commissioners for FAST Act Efforts

NACE honored several commissioners during the NACo Transportation Steering Committee, held in Washington, DC, during the NACo Legislative Conference on February 20-23.


L-R: Mark Servi (Barron County, Wis.), NACE Past President; Duane Ratermann (Knox County, Ill.), NACE President; Hon. Peter McLaughlin (Hennepin County, Minn.), NACo Transportation Steering Committee Chair; Richie Beyer (Elmore County, Ala.), NACE Past President and Legislative Committee Chair; Jennifer Monahan, NACo Transportation Legislative Director; Brian Roberts, NACE Executive Director; George Webb (Palm Beach County, Fla.), NACE Past President and NACo Director; Dan Fedderly, Wis. County Highway Association Executive Director; and Ramon Gavarrete (Highlands County, Fla.), NACE Immediate Past President.

NACE recognized NACo Transportation Steering Committee Chair Peter McLaughlin; the Honorables Jim Healy (Ill.), Riki Hokama (Hawaii), Sallie Clark (Col.), Peter McLaughin (Minn.), and NACo Transportation Legislative Director Jessica Monahan, who were instrumental in their legislative efforts in the passage of the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act in December.
NACE President Duane Ratermann and Legislative Committee Chair Richie Beyer, thanked NACo for collaborating with NACE in advocating several provisions for county roads.
Since passage, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) has taken steps to implement the new “law of the land.” Last month, DOT issued the formal apportionment notice and other documents that let states begin using funds allocated to their highway programs under the FAST Act. Additionally, the Department has started to post guidance, fact sheets and other information on its website.
Also of note, the Secretary has announced that DOT will publish a Notice of Funding Opportunity this month requesting applications of the new Nationally Significant Freight and Highway Projects (NSFHP) program. The NSFHP program was established under the FAST Act and is authorized a total of $4.5 billion for FYs 2016-2020, including $800 million for FY 2016. Specifically, DOT will be seeking transformative, nationally and regionally specific highway, rail, port and intermodal freight projects that have an estimated total project cost in excess of $100 million. Ten percent of authorized funding for this program will be reserved for small projects.
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