December 2016

International Slurry Surfacing Association Seeking a Technical Director


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Revised December 2016: This request for proposal, originally issued in August 2016, has been revised and reissued to provide additional clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities sought, terms and conditions, and additional document requirements to provide for consistency of information in proposals received.

ISSA issued a request for proposal aimed at hiring a technical director in August. After the proposal was issued and prior to receiving RFP’s, our situation changed along with the conditions of the request for a technical director. 

It was determined that scope of work and terms and conditions needed to be revised. The document has been reviewed, revised and condensed, eliminating some themes that appeared to provide emphasis on subjects and matters that were not the priority or intent of the request while adding additional duties that were not included. We apologize for any inconvenience this has created. 

The “Revised” RFP was reissued on December 13 with a timeline for proposals due by January 18, 2017.

To request the RFP, please contact:

Rusty Price   801-869-5101

Bob Jerman   843-746-8155

Dave Welborn   918-237-3783

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