December 2016

President's Report

What a Successful 60th Year We've Had!

By Brian Stacy, PE
      Pierce County, Washington


Thank you tremendously for celebrating NACE’s 60th Anniversary with us in 2016. Together, we accomplished quite a lot!

We’ve made great strides serving as the Voice of County Road Officials for safe, efficient local roads and bridges. If you missed a couple of our success stories in past NACE News issues, we’d like to share a few highlights.

The NACE-initiated Local Public Agency (LPA) Stakeholder Partnering in the Every Day Counts (EDC) program is being successfully implemented in additional states. This venue enables Counties and other locals to have a seat at the table with their state and federal colleagues in addressing the complexities of the Federal-aid program.

To recognize a few, Ohio launched their Local Public Agency Advisory Group; Arizona, the Local Public Agency Stakeholder Council; and Missouri, the Statewide LPA Advisory Committee, along with Alabama and Iowa.  Several states are beginning the process.

NACE continues to be a leader of the national Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) safety initiative. We’re one of the first non-state stakeholder organizations to implement TZD. Our efforts with TZD will reduce fatalities and serious injuries on local roads.

Further, NACE became a founding partner to launch the Road to Zero coalition. We joined US DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the National Safety Council (NSC). Having the US DOT onboard is a game changer.  We can better promote the strategies we’ve identified and develop new approaches.  This is to date the largest, most diverse group.

NACE leadership has also completed a two year Strategic Planning Process with many exciting opportunities ahead.  We look forward to sharing this with you in the New Year. Some of which is listed below.

New in 2016, our Restructured Membership Categories now include more of your staff department heads and managers. This means our outreach to your staff will include even more resources. 

To complete the process, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll be asked via email to provide your additional NACE members. You’ll find a new NACE Database, giving you more self-service features including live membership data and conference registration for you and your staff. A Membership Directory will also be at your fingertips.

At that same time, we’re pleased to launch a new NACE Website. Our improved web presence is responsive—meaning you’ll have access on your phone and tablet, in addition to laptop and desktop. A new Collaborate Tool will allow you and other members to discuss innovations, solutions and challenges in our closed, online community.

I couldn’t end without saying that my county, Pierce, and our Washington State Association of County Engineers (WSACE) were grateful to serve as your hosts for the 2016 NACE Annual Conference in Tacoma. We heard great comments from many of you, and appreciate that you took the opportunity to experience our natural beauty. We’re proud to call this “home!“

Thanks once more to you! We’re steering ahead in our efforts to grow NACE and strengthen our role as a respected leader in the national infrastructure arena.

Here’s to a Happy, Prosperous 2017!​

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